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As this post from 2012 still gets some new readers to this blog, I’m now posting this in English. I’d love to re-introduce my re-discovery of what the Dutch call Punniken, you might call it French Knitting.

I’d been wondering what you can possibly do with this form of knitting that simply creates a very thick thread, most of us learned to use this back in school, if ever. Below, some ways i found to use these soft long threads that you can make in one evening with a film and enough tea ;).


I bought a french knitting bee, which actually looks like a bee, for 6 euros at a ‘fournituren’ stand at the market. The bee comes with a needle and a complementary pom pom maker (not in the picture). I used yarn with a thickness of 4 (in crochetting). I’ve used some coated metal wire that i bought in a garden shop.

How to do it

I saw the idea for words with wire in Phildar, a French (haha) knitting magazine. It mostly features actual knitting patterns, and some crochet. Once you get the hang of the principle of French knitting, it’s pretty easy. I’ve found this video that shows how to set it up and do it. It’s pretty mindless, so easy to combine with watching some telly.

After about 1,20 meter, 1,5 meters, you can tie a knit and it’s finished, depending on the length of the word or name you want to make. I then started from one end, filled the follow thick thread with the coated metal wire. You can quite easily push it through, every now and then the tip may come out, but just push it back. Make sure you have covered the whole length of the thread before cutting the wire. The thread is quite flexible.
Then, of course, mold it into a word or name.

Other ways to use these thick threads would be some of these i found: A necklace in Dutch, French knitting with little beads in Dutch and Domesblissity has a nice collection (featuring my word).

Enjoyed this little article or have questions? Let me know!


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